Flavors Division

Vogler Flavors is a business unity focused on flavors and emulsions. Counting on a commercial team with great technical know-how in flavors, Vogler provides the market with a huge variety of flavors and emulsions, useful on food industry as well as on beverages, pharmaceutical products, dairy products, candies and confectionaries, pet food, amongst others.

There is a whole segment of the food industry, specialized in manufacturing natural or synthetic substances, designed to give particular tastes and aromas to foods, secret kept by flavorists or taste experts.

Vogler Flavors Division has a team of high expertise, developing the identity our customers want. Vogler is able to develop new concepts of flavors, according to the costumers in Brazil, all Latim America and worldwide.

Vogler Ingredients claims to be a reliable and efficient distributor to any international food ingredients producer, interested in to introduce its products to the Brazilian market.