Mixtures and solutions taylor made

Our Vogler Systems Division, certified by FSSC22000 ensures safety and quality in the products produced by Vogler, in addition to offering technological applications that guarantee synergistic solutions for our customers.

The benefits are diverse:

  • Improvement in product quality: ingredients know-how for synergistic applications of improvements, and standardization.
  • Process Improvement: Reduces weighing errors, eliminates factory process steps, increases productivity.
  • Reduction of input costs: know-how of ingredients for more profitable applications.
  • Process Cost Reduction: Provides reduction of items in stock, optimizes transportation logistics.
  • Innovation: Helps and facilitates the development of innovative solutions for a new and / or more demanding public.

Our Challenge is Your Satisfaction

Vogler came from a need in the food industry that sought companies focused on the food market and that ensure quality, commitment and regularity in the availability of ingredients. Today, our challenge is to innovate, offering products that guarantee health and well being to meet and surpass the expectations of this market. The end consumers are in touch with the innovations offered by this globalized world, which makes them more demanding and selective.