+34 years of innovation history

In the 1990s, many sectors of Brazilian industry were restructured in a new context of competitiveness and opening up markets. Several mergers and acquisitions in the food category were carried out, with emphasis on the dairy segment.

Food consumption increased due to the improvement of workers’ income after the Real Plan, a Brazilian program with the objective of stabilization and economic reforms. This was the scenario in Brazil when two professionals came together to invest in a great challenge: to create a company directed to the needs of this market that had been going through significant transformations.

It was in this context that Vogler was born, and since then its objectives have been based on distributing ingredients to the food, beverage and pet-food industry, ensuring the availability of a regular stock, offering products that guarantee health and well-being, and mainly, to innovate to supply the market demands.

“It is in Vogler’s DNA to be a company specialized in food ingredients, and since its foundation we have set a goal of excellence: to be the best distributor of ingredients for the food industry. Of course, meeting these goals and getting here required a lot of effort and teamwork”, says João Viveiros, Vogler’s Director.

In January 2022, Vogler turned 32 years of a trajectory based on research and development of ingredients for the food industry. Since the beginning, the company’s focus has been on the satisfaction of manufacturers and partners, as well as boosting the market, always coupled with a commitment to nutrition and investment in the development of innovative solutions.

For Otto Nogueira, also Vogler’s Director, several factors were important along this trajectory: “Vogler was built and based on

a strong tripod that is based on a good relationship with suppliers and partners, with customers and mainly, with our employees. Linking this principle to our processes brought the company solidity and made us get here. ”

The construction of our trajectory was monitored and traced by the hands of excellent professionals who learn, develop and grow together with the company on a daily basis. Vogler understands that the challenges are great and that is why building a relationship of respect, autonomy and vocation between people is its main asset.

As in the beginning of its history, Vogler will continue to accept new challenges, form new partnerships and find people who want to walk and grow together with the brand. This is Vogler’s DNA!


Food Safety Policy

Vogler’s Policy is to acquire, store, produce and distribute additives and safe ingredients through controlled and monitored practices, communicating internally and externally, complying with legislation and standards, as well as the expectations of Customers and Suppliers, implementing actions together with its Employees aimed at continuous improvement of its food safety management system, in order to create reliable, healthy and lasting relationships

Sobre Nós

O Nosso Desafio é a sua Satisfação

A Vogler Ingredients surgiu a partir de uma necessidade da indústria alimentícia que buscava empresas focadas no mercado alimentício e que garantissem além de qualidade, compromisso e regularidade na disponibilidade dos ingredientes. Atualmente, o nosso desafio é inovar, oferecendo produtos que garantam saúde e bem estar para atender e superar as expectativas desse mercado. Os consumidores finais estão antenados com as novidades oferecidas por esse mundo globalizado, o que os tornam mais exigentes e seletivos.

Nos últimos anos, investimos em tecnologia de ponta para oferecer sistemas personalizados, desenvolvidos em sintonia com diversos e eficientes ingredientes. Para isso montou um laboratório de análise, desenvolvimento e aplicação de produtos, além da sala de misturas líquidas.

Já consolidada e crescendo a cada dia, a divisão Vogler Systems é composta por tecnologias focadas em aplicações que garantem a sinergia ideal para combinações de ingredientes gerando sistemas eficientes, com alta qualidade e excelente desempenho. Contando com uma equipe técnica comercial com grande know-how em aromas, a Vogler disponibiliza ao mercado uma grande variedade de aromas e emulsões, para aplicações em toda a indústria alimentícia, bebidas, farmacêuticas, láctea, balas e doces, pet-food, entre outras.

Flavor, Color and Freshness. This is what Vogler Ingredients offers to the market, together with the quality and regularity of its products, counting on partnerships renowned worldwide.