The plant-based moment in Brazil

The main trends in food recently are mostly related to health concerns, especially after the beginning of the pandemic. The search for healthier options and the search for well-being reflect an important change in the trends that lead consumers to make their choices.

How can we develop formulations that serve this public without leaving aside clean label, flavor, texture, creaminess and other characteristics that are so strongly found in this movement?

Vogler has a variety of ingredients and plant-based solutions that provide excellence and quality in all these aspects. In addition, Vogler products are developed with high quality raw materials, combined with technology and minimal processing required.

The company has a robust portfolio of natural, identical to natural and artificial aromas to bring indulgence and mask off notes, developed according to the profile indicated by each client. In addition, Vogler has its System line, which has solutions for the vegan drinks market, sauces, vegan protein bars, cakes, vegan cheeses, as well as meat and cheese analogues, among many others.

Check out some options provided by Vogler for the plant-based market:

  • Natural botanic extracts that add color and flavor;
  • Sweeteners like stevia, erythritol and xylitol that bring out sweetness;
  • Natural pulps that add color and make your product more attractive;
  • Vegetable proteins from soy, almonds, rice and peas that help with the nutritional profile;
  • Vegetable fats that aid in palatability and enhance satiety;
  • Sources of calcium, magnesium and zinc;
  • Fibers that improve the nutritional profile.

Options on our Systems line:

Vogler is open to developments according to the profile of each client and to new market challenges.